Silverton – Star of the Outback

Just 20 minutes from Broken Hill in Far West Outback New South Wales, Silverton, is the personification of Australia's outback history and a ‘must do’ day trip. Silverton has starred in countless films, television shows and commercials as the ‘classic Australian outback town’.

The film industry is an integral part of Silverton. Most locals had at least a walk -on role in Mad Max ll which was filmed in and around the town in 1981.
Silverton’s unique landscape has drawn film makers from around the world. Print and television commercials have been made around here for decades and it is not uncommon to come across a film crew in the area.

Built by miners in search of fortune, this famous town was once a bustling home to 3,000 people. Residents began to leave in the 1880s when the nearby mines of Broken Hill appeared. Many took their houses with them. These days less than 50 people call Silverton home and only a handful of buildings dot the iconic red landscape including the Silverton Pub and Mad Max Museum. But it’s a haven of heritage, art and outback characters and a ‘must do’ day trip during your stay in Broken Hill.

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